Day 34 – Hello YYZ

The flight home from Beijing was very smooth. Just the usual 14 hour flight from Asia where you basically arrive in Toronto at the same time on the same day as you boarded the plane in Asia.

Beijing to Toronto flight path

Following up on my comment yesterday about the bike lottery results until it arrived – all good on the outside.

I heard there was snow but now I see it. Need to start planning my next trip.

A final shout out for the folks at TDA Global Cycling. They are the bike touring company from Toronto that runs the Bamboo Road Tour I did. A great team and very well organized tour. I hope to see the TDA folks on another one of their rides in the future.

I may do another one or two other posts with some overall trip info that I want to pull together for memories sake. But other than that, it’s a wrap. I think I should go back to work now 🙂

Thanks for supporting the Flip Flop Fund and for following my journey.

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